Fiore di Carciofo su Maiolica Topkapi

André Derain - L'Estaque, 1905
Finocchio su Maiolica Topkapi
Crans-Montana - Piscine Valaisia (2020.09.04)
Paris - Pl. Edmond Rostand (2019.11.08)
Kuwait - Al Soor Gardens (2019.09.24)


To make a nice picture you need imagination and skills. Idea means everything at the end, Idea is the key. It can be immediate or the result of many trials and/or many ideas combined together. Then the right camera and the proper settings. Years ago it would have been impossible to still the water, as I do. Only recently cameras enabled it. I would like to stress this aspect as, in my opinion, it opens a new world to photography. Actual cameras represent a kind of additional eye, enabling to shoot subjects which the eye cannot see, thus definitely opening amazing new horizons to photography. Little step after little step, luck in between and perseverance and here we are.

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Koporossy’s poetry contains the patency of what it captures, it is found in his look and in his perception of nature. Here, poetry of words is overcome by poetry of colors and of the touching, fluid, crazy shapes water creates.
Tahar Ben Jelloun - Franco-Moroccan writer, poet, and painter, winner of the Goncourt Prize in 1987