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Claudio Koporossy

Water Nature
L'anima dell'acqua
Acqua Russa
Water is life


To make a nice picture you need imagination and skills. Idea means everything at the end, Idea is the key. It can be immediate or the result of many trials and/or many ideas combined together. Then the right camera and the proper settings. Years ago it would have been impossible to still the water, as I do. Only recently cameras enabled it. I would like to stress this aspect as, in my opinion, it opens a new world to photography. […] Actual cameras represent a kind of additional eye, enabling to shoot subjects which the eye cannot see, thus definitely opening amazing new horizons to photography. Little step after little step, luck in between and perseverance and here we are. […]

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About my work

Koporossy immobilizes the motion and stops what is transient. His photograph is not like reality. It is like thought: mobile, sudden, wandering. He transfers an impression into the image that remains, emulating the pictorial results of Monet's Water Lilies.

from “Stolen pictures of Koporossy” by Vittorio Sgarbi in Invisibilia
The heart of the action in Koporossy’s work consists in the crystallization, at the apex of its aesthetic perfection, of that which by its very nature is fleeting, mobile, ineffable.
from “K’s feeling for water” by Marco Di Capua in Dell'acqua


I wish to thank from the heart:

• WATER or BLUE GOLD, which is the inexorable source of my inspiration and the basis of this wonderful journey I have undertaken;

• My father Ferenc Köporossy who, returning from Japan, gave me a Nikon F with many lenses, initiating me into photography;

• Rita and Carlotta, who have supported, helped, and stimulated me and continue to do so, in this beautiful adventure;

• Il Cigno publishing house, and in particular Lorenzo Zichichi, but also all his staff (Paolo, Valentina, Claudia, Matilde, Adele, Flavia), who first of all believed in me, and in a very effective way, have collaborated in practically all the exhibitions I have done so far, following the organization in detail;

• All those who have participated in the drafting of critical texts within the catalogues dedicated to my exhibitions: I am honoured that Professor Antonino Zichichi, Vittorio Sgarbi, Marco Di Capua, Federico Gulinelli, Giordano Bruno Guerri, Pietro Di Natale, Paola Goretti, Roberta Cremoncini, Mimma Sardella, Carlo Baldocci, Semyon Mikhailovsky and Alessandro Monti have written for me;

• Paola Lo Sciuto for the appreciation she has always had for my photos and for her help in making choices, starting up this site and much more;

• Barbara Accardi, who by chance saw my photos and directed me to the Il Cigno publishing house;

• Belina Kostadinova, who has always supported me, stimulated me, and who organised the first exhibition I did in Zurich in 2014;

• My great friends Jean-François Galletout and Franklin Loufrani, who have always encouraged me to continue my photographic journey.