Claudio Koporossy



“Photography is an art of observation. It has little to do with the things you see and everything to do with the way you see them”
Elliott Erwitt


Talking about one’s self is not easy. And how can I describe the synergies delivered by the two passions which have inspired my whole life: art and my interest for detail?

When looking at the world around me I have always tried to notice those particulars that were hidden to superficial viewers.

The initial spark was provided by my father, returning from Japan with a Nikon F camera and lenses for me to freeze the images of my fourteen-year old’s world.

I started with black and white, focusing on my family, on streets and marketplaces. And then, around the world with live pictures: Africa, with natives hiding from my camera, the Middle East of the seventies with its chaos, modern and contemporary China.

And then, colour: love for my wife-to-be, Venice with its endless themes and unique light. Whole days spent as a hunter with a camera instead of a gun, in an attempt to catch with my lens the endless evolution of colours, shades and reflections in a town that left me breathless. My eyes filled with Venice, my drawers crammed with pictures and slides.

After a few years the love was multiplied: my daughter was born and I felt the need to preserve my memory of those moments: a Super 8 camera to remember our trips and our time together but also to improve my shooting technique. Then, like everybody, I was caught in the vertigo of digital photography.

A thousand trips to discover and secure new colours and cultures. The first time was in Damascus, with its incredible light, then the mountains and their silence, Positano and the fruits of the summer in gardens and orchards.

And now Macrophotograpy, the perfect expression of my quest for harmony and equilibrium in every frame. It is in this form of art that my passion for detail found its perfect fulfillment.

I delve into nature’s most intimate textures: a fruit’s skin, autumn on a leaf, water seeping in the ground, the colours of vegetation. Thus I try to find nature’s inner essence, and peer into what my eyes just see: I feel firmness under my fingers, I perceive a thousand scents, I detect as many flavours.

Live Nature: this is my project, my gaze through the lens. Enjoy your journey.

Claudio Koporossy

The Beginning

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