Acqua Russa

September 13 - October 30, 2019
Saint-Petersburg Academy of Fine Arts

We therefore agreed with Koporossy on a collection of images related to Saint-Petersburg. He explored the sumptuous fountains of the Peterhof Palace. […] The result is the exhibition dedicated to the Academy of St. Petersburg, where the image of the stairs invaded by the water coming from the Great Waterfall stands out among many – against the background of the monumental structure of the Peterhof complex. Here, water seems to dance on the steps, as if it were snow dust, yet it is solidified in the same instant in which it turns from liquid into solid, which is instead a summer image, where the water flows and Koporossy’s mastery was able to immobilise it and transform it into a sculpted image.

Semyon Mikhailovsky
Rector of the Academy of Fine Arts in Saint-Petersburg

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